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Double D Ranch

Welcome to the "Ranch". We are a cow/calf operation consisting of Purebred Simmental and Red Angus, with a few commercial cows consisting of Herford x Simmental

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Rascal Flats Labs

We specialize in Purebred Registered "Fox Red Labrador Retrievers" bred most importantly for temperment, health,trainabilty,conformation, looks, and of course the color is a bonus



Hooked On Horses

A horse needs to "trust" to learn, he needs to have a "leader" that he can trust to keep him safe. The key to solving any problem a horse has or starting any colt is by developing



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RR1 Box 16 Delisle, Sask. Canada S0L 0P0

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Welcome to the "Ranch".

We are a cow/calf operation consisting of Purebred Simmental and Red Angus, with a few commercial cows consisting of Herford x Simmental. We are currently working on the P1 cross of Simmental and Angus, lovely calves consisting of the calving ease from the Angus and the bigger weight gain from the Simmental, what a fantastic cross. We also have bulls for sale each year.

We have access to 1200 acres consisting of farm land, pasture and grazing, and hay land, more than enough to keep us busy!

We do take in bred cows for custom calving in the winter.

Farm life is pretty great, there is always something to do, one never has to worry about being bored. We do find time to have a litle "playtime" with our horses and dogs, and do once in awhile get to take a real vacation.

We love to saddle-up and take a ride out in the pasture to check cows, which of course, at the same time, we are training a new horse as well, so 2 jobs get done at the time!

Spring is the "highlight" of the year..Calving and foaling season, everyday checking out the new calves and of course seeing a new foal run for the very first time, it's always a surprisse as what color the babies maybe!

Summer brings haying season..You can't beat the smell of freshly cut hay, although it can sometimes be a little stressful if the weather man doesn't co-operate, it is always a rewarding feeling when the job is done! Then we can spend a little more time in the saddle, maybe a trail ride or camping trip with the horses, inbetween fixing fence, yard work, gardening etc, etc,etc.....(Wish there were a few more hours in the day!)

David finds time in the winter to persue his love of "trucking" which keeps him busy and away from home for a few days. He loves to remind me of the 80 degree weather he is in, and all the neat things he sees, so not all is bad! However, his real heart is back at the ranch with the animals.

I spend the winter checking all the animals daily for feed, water, or if anything needs medical attention, yes, its cold, but what a great way to start your day. After that is taken care of, I usually find time to do a little bit of website mantiance,facebook updates, and of course the dreaded job of "doing books' and keeping the bills paid! Usually February brings new life to the house when my Labs starting their whelping season which makes the winter fly by...They are so much fun to have around, and fill up the long cold days. Before we know it, it's spring again and winter didn't seem that bad.