Double D Ranch

Welcome to the "Ranch". We are a cow/calf operation consisting of Purebred Simmental and Red Angus, with a few commercial cows consisting of Herford x Simmental

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Rascal Flats Labs

We specialize in Purebred Registered "Fox Red Labrador Retrievers" bred most importantly for temperment, health,trainabilty,conformation, looks, and of course the color is a bonus



Hooked On Horses

A horse needs to "trust" to learn, he needs to have a "leader" that he can trust to keep him safe. The key to solving any problem a horse has or starting any colt is by developing



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RR1 Box 16 Delisle, Sask. Canada S0L 0P0

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DQ Horses





NEVER...reward your puppy with food or a pet if he is not doing what you asked, if you do, he thinks it's OK to continue that behavior.

ALWAYS..make sure that you are the Alpha or Pack Leader!

ALWAYS...keep training lessons short when puppies..stop before they get bored..you must leave then wanting more!

As soon as your dog pulls on the leash, I would immediately stop, turn around and walk in the opposite direction. This will require some practice on your part. You can't expect a magic training technique to instantly cure your dog from pulling.. Once your dog starts walking nicely with you, you will also want to reward that behavior. Basically you want to reward your dog when he is at your side. And always bring a treat to your hip before giving it your dog. This will help get your dog closer and closer to you.


Always make the crate a positive place, never put your puppy in the crate for punshiment. I always start them by tossing some food in the crate or their favorite toy, never shove or force them in it, let them go in on their own. Soon they will associate the crate as a place for food or getting their toy. Always reward them when they go in on their own.