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Hi Anna

Reefs doing great, he weighs 56lbs and he just keeps getting bigger, he's really funny and he's smart, we're in puppy school together and everyone is always commenting on how beautiful he is anywhere we go!! Katelyn @Sherwood Park,AB

Reef is such an amazing dog, he's so smart and loving, it's like you can see his soul through his eyes and they are so full of love.We go to the dog park all the time and people are always asking what kind of dog he is and how beautiful he is. I'll send you some pictures of him, he's so very handsome, and good he never does anything bad he only chews on his toys and he always has about 4 in his mouth walking around wagging his tail. I remember you saying Roxy will do anything to fetch, same with Reef he goes in the back yard and sits there next to his ball waiting and at the dog park he runs and runs with his toy and a stick in his mouth haha! Talk to you soon Katelyn & Kevin

We moved out to an acreage over a year ago and reef loves it out here he is a non stop player and mover still.
We've been talking about getting another puppy for reef to have a brother! We were hoping for another puppy from roxy and Chester I couldn't have asked for a more amazing dog!
I'm wondering when they're having another litter and if any we will be able to get? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Katelyn & Kevin




Hi Anna & David,

Just a short note to say hi and how happy we are to have such a beautiful and smart girl!! Grace had her 2nd set of shots, all went well.I am also sending a few pictures of our babies!! Grace is putting the life back in Mattie!! (He lost his playfulness since Jessie passed away). We are so grateful he is happy and enjoying Grace!! Thanks for such a lovely girl.

Tina & Colin. Cold Lake, AB





OMG he is sooo funny very busy but sooooo smart we love him to death ...he is doing great has learnt to sit and is playing fetch and will retreave the rope sometimes its a game to get the rope back but he is doing soooo good. Thanks again he is perfect for us...see my profile pic to cute

Colleen Hoffman






Just to let you know we are so in love with Remy .She is so smart and so loving.Every night I have to sit on the floor and give her kisses.If I don,t she keeps moving closer to my feet.Anyway we love her and don't remember what it was like without her.Keep in touch with us and let us know if you are in town so we can connect.I sure want you to see how beautiful she is.My sis would steal her if she could.Anyway thanks again,






Hi Anna & David,
I sent you a few pictures of our babies and your grand-babies!! They are gorgeous!!!! Sam is a gift from God!! He is such a good boy!! I thank my blessing's everyday for him!! Grace on the other hand is Grace, (Temperamental as usual!!) Colin is her life!! I have never seen a dog (I hate saying that because mine are not dogs (Little babies!!) Love someone as much as she loves Colin!! You would have to see it to believe it!! Even though I do everything for her (Cleaning ears, clipping nails, bathing, walking, she loves Colin like he is everything in the world to her!!! I AM SO NOT JEALOUS, BUT MAYBE A LITTLE!!
Anyway, just a short note to say hi!! I would honestly hope you would visit us!! You guys would be so comfortable here, with your grandbabies!!
WE LOVE OUR NEW BOY!! Thank-you so much for him!!!
Love Tina. Cold Lake, AB





Hi Anna,
I just wanted to say thanks again for the beautiful baby!!! He is fitting in just perfect around here. As for that docile temperament..... ITS GONE!!! He is just a ball of energy and loves playing with our golden retriever. He has even taken quite a liking to our cat, maybe because they are the same size. He is a feisty little guy and not afraid to put the big dogs in there place. I am totally in love with him although we have yet to pick a name for him. Every day there is a new name that I like so far he has been Chester, Copper, Chopper and Jake. We'll see what happens tomorrow, may be Finnley.

Thanks again for this amazing puppy I will send you some pics soon.


Chester is doing so great!! We absolutely love him!!!






She has definitely stolen our hearts!!! She is starting to get more active - getting into things - yesterday I was in Saskatoon and the kids had her outside and she chewed our main phone line going into the house - wasn't funny at the time, but I can laugh now - lol

Take Care and THANK YOU for allowing US to adopt one of your puppies

I've attached a couple pictures of Harper ! We love her sooo much! Cari, Biggar, SK

Just thought I would let you know that I received the papers for Harper in the mail today. Thanks.She sure is a dream - she is definitely full of energy but does not chew anything unless we give it to her - hopefully she stays that way! I just took some picks of her on the weekend - If any of them turned out, I will email you one - most of her pictures are blurs as she doesn't stay still too long! lol

Take care
Cari, Biggar, SK





Thanks for all your help and we will keep you posted (oh, I think Quinton is officially attached! He's found his second love and is calling me a few times a day to check up on her!) Annette

A quick update on Katie...she is certainly growing. She is losing her baby fat and is growing into a lean 30 lbs! We just spent 2 weeks at the lake and she LOVED it there. Her favourite times were spent fetching, running through the bush, and attempting to swim! Annette and Quinton ,

Katie has been busy in the last few months! She has been chicken (ruffed grouse) hunting and was a little unsure of the first one she retrieved, but after that, she could hardly control her excitement as soon as we lifted the gun!! Annette and Quniton

She is growing like a weed ...she's at 50 lbs now but is very tall, lanky and agile. We spend a lot of time quadding, fetching and in the bush...and we've decided she is part deer. She can leap over anything from a standstill and she literally bounces through the bush. It is hilarious. She loves to be petted and is calmed down enough now to think she might be a lapdog. Annette

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as Katie is enjoyed by Quinton and I! Oh, and everyone else she meets...she is such a cutie and loves being everyone's friend - especially when she works her sad puppy face!

Annette and Quinton, Medstedt, SK




I figured we would send you a few pictures of Koach, hope you enjoy .

Take care and thanks for our wonderful addition. Joey and Steph, Saskatoon, SK

Merry Christmas Anna and Family.

Koach has been a great addition to our family.

Thanks and best wishes in the new year.

My Koach looks just like him!! Sooooo handsome He is simply amazing. We've met a few of his siblings at the off leash dog park. They are truly a fatastic breed.

Rascal Flats Labs wrote: "Kathy told me she met Koach at the dog park...she couldn't believe how big and handsome he was:-)"

Joey ,Steph, Jenna ,Tysen and Koach, Saskatoon, Sk




grizmolly1 grizmiolly2



Hey Anna, Sorry it's taken me so long to send pictures of Grizzly. He doing amazing, just a pleasure to have as part of our family. Hope you and everyone else are doing great! Talk to you soon Korey and Jerrod

Grizzly's doing great, he's just an amazing puppy! We took a little trip to the states last weekend and had to put Grizzly in a "Doggy Vacation" Kennel. I was very sad and nervous about it, but when we went to pick him up, found out that he did just great! There was a 6mth old Golden Retriever there at the time that he played all the time with, and the lady who owns it gave Grizz rave reviews saying that he was a pleasure to have and he was a very social and well behaved puppy. So kinda like getting told your child is well behaved i guess! Well, keep in touch and we'll talk to you soon take care,

Korey, Rockglen, sk





Hello Anna, I just wanted to write and let you know that Hudson is fitting in perfectly at the house! He is such a wonderful addition already. I was sort of nervous to have a pup that looked so much like Cooper, but their personalities are quite different! Hudson has so much energy, I’ve already taken him out when I get home for quick runs around the block so he’s not such a nutso indoors. He hasn’t had any accidents in two days and has slept through the night for 2 nights. Brandon leaves tomorrow morning so that will be the real test for me! He’s really sad that he’ll miss the first month with Hudson, but I’ll keep him updated with lots of photos. I can’t get over how much he loves that duck you sent along with him! I am going to bring Hudson over to my friends place next week – she has a retriever and a pug so he can meet some new dogs and maybe make friends. Well, that’s about it for now. We’re really happy that we were able to get a puppy from you guys, he’s a lot of fun!

Talk soon. Arva and Brandon, Calgary, AB



obama1 obama2 obama3 obama4


I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for giving me the best puppy in the world! "Obama" is doing fantastic and growing like crazy. I can't beleive how easy it was to house train him. He is very smart (possibly presidential material! lol!) He is absolutely stunning and everyone falls in love with him instantly. He is very playful and I am currently training him to run on a treadmill. We walk lots too but it's been -30 C here for over 2 weeks so our walks can be pretty short some days! I just got some photos done with Obama for Christmas so I thought I would send you some to show you how handsome he turned out.

Merry Christmas to you and your family Alan Palenchuk, Saskatoon ,SK




Just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you I’ doing fine and I love my new home. I’ve included a few pictures so you can see how I’ve grown. Mom loves me very much and feels very fortunate that I have come into her life. As well the rest of the family think I am pretty cute and smart and they like me lots. Tina brought Grace over the other day for an hour what a ball we had. Anyway must run Bye.

Thanks for the beautiful pup she has brightened my life.

All the best. Merry Christmas. CECILE, Roxy, Goldie, Kitty, Cold Lake, AB




Hi Anna,

Thought I would send you a quick update on how the little man is doing. We’ve named him Crosby seeing as we bought him the day Crosby scored the winning goal for Team Canada, so we thought the name was quite appropriate. He is a bundle of fun and entertainment, although can get into a little bit of trouble if you let him!!! He’s already a pro at sitting and getting better with the “stay” command. We’re still working on housebreaking him, although he seems to be doing better as there have been fewer accidents in the house. Justin and I adore him and couldn’t be happier! He’s also growing like a weed and it makes me sad as I know I will miss this phase of his puppy life!! I’ve attached a few pictures of him…we get so many compliments on what a beautiful dog he is everywhere we go. Talk to you again soon! Cheers, Darcie and Justin , Saskatoon, Sk

Hi Anna!

Just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Crosby. He is still making Justin and I laugh every day! He is such a goofy dog and we love it!! We bought him this red rubber Frisbee (actually, he’s on his fifth one…he wears them out pretty quickly) and he gets so excited when he sees it and would play for hours with it if we’d let him. He’s gotten quite talented at using the Frisbee to pick things up and can fit a lot of stuff in his mouth (at one point he had his Frisbee, two sticks and a ball in his mouth!!!). He’s definitely a spoiled dog but we can’t seem to help ourselves…he is a MASTER at the puppy dog eyes! Hahaha.

Hope all is well with you!






I can't believe Willy is 7 months today!! He is a fabulous dog and very smart. He still gets in quite the trouble with regards to chewing. He has managed to open the sliding cupboard door and eat the toe out of my son's shoe-that is the life with a dog!!

Take care,

Megan and Kirk, Markham, ONT

Willy is almost 2-can you believe it? He is an awesome dog-still a bit crazy in the car-but we are working on it still. We just adore him. How are things with you and your family? Any plans on coming to Toronto one day? We'd love to have you meet Big Willy. He is a terrific running partner to me Anna, you did a great job picking for us. Please keep in touch and I hope all is well and happy for you.






Hi Anna,
Just thought I'd give you an update on Buddy, he is doing so well!! He has already brought so much happiness to our home, he is such a sweetheart and already listens very well. I have been working on some basic commands with him and he has already mastered the "sit" and I'm now working on "come" and "stay". I'm amazed at how quick he is picking it up, and other people are too!! It is obvious that he is a very smart puppy and will be a great family dog. You have found a great match with Chester and Roxy!! Buddy is going to the vet today for his shots and a check up, I'm not sure how much weight he has gained but he is defiantly growing fast. He loves the new place and loves the freedom to run around there. I'm so happy I found you on the internet, and wouldn't trade him for the world!! I will send some pictures when I have some time to get them onto my computer.

Thanks so much, we will keep in touch Claire , Winnipeg, MB

Hi Anna & David,
Congrats on your new puppies!! Things are great here! The new place is awesome, still have the landscaping to do this year so there will be plenty of mud and water for Buddy to run around in (which he loves!!). Thankfully he doesn’t mind the garden hose!! Buddy is doing great, he is a lean 85 lbs. and just a sweetheart. We really couldn’t have asked for a better dog for our family. He loves everyone and is always excited when people come over, especially if they bring their dogs with them! He runs about 10km a day either with the quad or truck and just loves it. I can’t say enough how great his personality is, people are always impressed by Buddy, he listens very well, easy to train and soooo loving! I have enclosed some pics for you to see, he is so big now its amazing how fast they grow. We will keep in touch. Have fun with the new litter!
Leo & Claire Leclerc





Chevy's coming up on a year in a month or so. I am seriously thinking about changing his name to Dufus! Not because he's not smart. He''s an exceptional learner! Just cuz he's the absolutely most lovnig, obedient, "Just want to Please YOU" dog I have had the priviiledge of being friends with!

Brian Clark





She is the perfect puppy!!! she has had only gone twice in the house but all the other times she has gone to the door. she loves everyone in the house, her tail never stops wagging! thank you again i'll send pictures later on!!

Hey just thought I would tell you that Lootah is doing wonderful she is growing so fast. She is very much loved and is a big part of our family. She has brought much joy into our lives. Here are some pictures to show you how much she's grown. Also feel free to come by anytime to she her and have a happy Easter!

Hey, sorry it took so long to finally update you I've been so busy. Lootah is doing great she is almost housetrained and leashed trained. She is a wonderful puppy we love her so much!! Thank you so much for letting us have her. Lootah is also getting big she is now over 20 lbs. When we went to the vet on wednesday one of her sisters was there earlier that morning. I also have some pictures for you.






Thrasher(Ben) is doing great what a character he is. Such a sucky baby when he wants to be. Goldie loves him but sometimes those little sharp teeth get the best of her and she puts him in his place. Just a few more pic's of the two kids, She's a real big sister shows him the in's and out's of things. When he doing something he shouldn't be she comes and gets me. She gets a worried look on her face, what a smart girl she is.

I am enjoying my little family so much.
Take Care. Until we talk again.

Cecile, Cold Lake, AB

(Goldie and Thrasher are full brother and sister) (Roxy and Chester)

I am enjoying my little family so much.
Take Care. Until we talk again.

Cecile, Cold Lake, AB

The pics are Goldie and Ben(aka Thrasher)he has turned out to be a beautiful boy what a character he is just a big gentle Ben beautiful head, big sucky boy.
One is all 4 of them Tina was out one day.
My God how I love these dogs they are my most wonderful best friends. So gentle and giving.
Looking forward to seeing your new babies.
Talk to you soon. Have a great rest of the winter.

The Macpherson Clan





Hi Anna & Dave,
Miiko is growing. He can fetch awesomely…lucky me! Aidon and Sydni are in love and miss him when they are home with their Mom.
I thank god for Cesar and his 1000 shows I’ve watched before committing to getting a pup (it...s taught me lots of patience and understanding). It’s amazing how I don’t even have to vocalize …just use a (chi) sound and be calm and assertive. Miiko is so part of the pack…(family).
Still learning the “I need to go pee” whimper or tap the bell. ….he uses the whimper mostly. We took him for a boat ride…he was zero gravity every time we jumped over a huge wave. He is also a very good swimmer…swam with Aidon and Sydni at Sturgeon Lake….a lake near PA. Anyway… we thought you and the family would like to see him…

Clarence Natomagan





We picked up our puppy from you August 14th. We bought the last male and named him Milo. We thought we'd send you a few pictures of him. He's been a pretty good puppy so far. We are still having a few accidents in the house but he's got...ten a lot better. He knows how to sit and shake a paw - for treats of course. He's fitting in really well with our family.
Everyone that meets him thinks he's such a nice, patient dog. We're going to be taking him for puppy classes in November. I'll send you a few more pics soon
Dustin and Leah

forgot to mention. He's now 29 lbs and growing like a weed. Our
neighbors got a puppy (newfoundlander cross with lab) a week after we did so
him and Milo are good friends. We often will organize playdates so they
wear each other out!







Hi Anna, just wanted to thank you for our new addition to our family! She is absolutely amazing! We all love and adore her, she is such a doll and loves to cuddle! Bella and "Red" as Colby named her are inseparable! With the both of them st...ill being puppies its so cute to see them playing together! She is a big bundle of energy, we took her to the lake for the first time at the beginning of August and she loved it. Didn't take her long to jump right in!
Thanks again! I couldn't ask for a better puppy :-) she is such a great addition to our family!!

Colby and Brooke







Hi There,

Mika is doing fine ... if she would just give the ball, stick, dummy, etc. back
to me... still a "kid" playing catch me if you can.



Miley and Lady


miley mileylady lady


Thought I would send you some updated pic's of Miley she is growing like a little weed! I want to freeze time any ideas? Haha. We are buying her a big outdoor kennel so on nice days when were at work she can play outside instead of being stuck in the house! She is doing good she goes to the vet for her shots on Monday. Im not sure if Paula would want to join I really don't talk to them much and I know that there dog will stay a farm dog. We bathed Miley in our tub the other night I think we got more wet!! She had a blast at the farm last weekend and is getting along great with there Boarder Collie. She knows how to sit and shake a paw now!!! How are your little ones doing? Everyone who see's her loves her color and wants to know where we got her from. Take Care, Kim




Hi guys,

Here's a couple more pics of our goofy pup. As you can see in the second picture, Penny is a bit of a collector, just like Bailey. In that picture, she'd been left alone for maybe 5 min. and she collected Reece's coat, the mat from the back door (and all the life on the farm spring dirt/gravel/mud attached to it), a tea towel from off the counter, the towel from over her kennel, her leash, and several toys, one of which she's sitting on. She's a turkey, but she loves her snuggles too and I just couldn't love her more. I gotta say, the Chuck It is the best toy EVER for a lab that needs to burn off some energy.

I just thought the other day about the puppy school idea that you'd mentioned in your last email. I'm probably already too late, but I was wondering if you were having it, if I missed it, and about the details if I'm not too late. Penny also has her spaying appointment this month, so it might not work out even if I didn't miss the boat completely. Poor pooch, I'm probably going to be in worse shape than she is.

Take care,

Angela Gray (and Bert, Reece, & Penny too)






Echo went for her first real walk today. She made it to the end of the block and called it quits. Had to carry her home. She would rather spend her energy getting into all sorts of trouble in the house,LOL Well mu st go now. Thanks again Crystal

Hello Anna, how is everything going out there? Thought I would just drop a line to say how happy we are with our Echo. She is the most wonderful dog we have ever owned. She really thinks she is part human. She even sleeps with us every night and is not happy unless she is on the bed or couch. Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful addition. We would sure like to bring her out sometime. She did pull a Gunner trick awhile ago. She got out and was hit by a vehicle. Everything ended up being okay and she sure doesn't think much of cars anymore. Well must go now hope to hear from you soon.

She is doing great and loves to swim! She's been traveling with us all over the province with Cody's baseball!

Echo says" she needs a playmate..any left in your litter? We want a Gunner pup






Hi Anna and David!
Just wanted to let you know how Foxy's first day went! She was really great for the ride home, cried a little when we first left but I think was so tired that she eventually calmed down and started snoozing. She loves the backyard and I'm happy to say not one accident yet (knock on wood lol). She's even started coming when we call her name! The night was a little rough tho haha! She does not like to be alone in her kennel although she did go in it during the day! She had to go out about 4 times but she always let us know and didn't mess in her kennel which was awesome! Any suggestions you might have for getting her used to the kennel (especially at night) would be great! Thanks for such a wonderful dog we love her sooooo much! We really couldn't have asked for a better pup!
Have a great day!
Stacey and Murray


Hi Anna and David!
Just wanted to let you know how Foxy's first week went here. As you know, her first night was a bit hard for the little girl being alone in her kennel but we covered her kennel up with a blanket which helped and she only wakes up once or twice until the morning! She's definetely come out of her shell and loves playing and exploring everything in our backyard (which helps with housebreaking lol). Everyone loves her and says how beautiful she is! We absolutely love this puppy and enjoy everyday's new surprises she gives us! Thank you so much for such a lovely dog!
Stacey and Murray
Ps: here are a few pics of her first week here! Enjoy!






Hi Anna, Well the kids decided on Marley! She is an adorable girl. She slept most of the way home. We stopped at Craik for her, and she eliminated in about 30 seconds! Then we stopped at Petsmart where she was a HUGE hit. When we got back to Kipling she ate (very well haha). She was restless and we didn't clue in, so she started to go. After we rushed her outside I walked her for about 2 minutes and she finished her business. We just took her outside and she did both jobs in less than a minute. She then went in her kennel and is fast asleep!! Wow! I know there will be challenges ahead, but the kids absolutely adore her. Thankyou so much for such a wonderful little girl. Trevor, Tracy, Shelby, Theo and Marley

Trevor, Tracy, Shelby, Theo and Marley Hack

Hi Anna,
Sorry it's taken so long to get this to you.

Our girl Marley has been an amazing addition to our family. She listens so well and all she wants is to be loved.
She loves going for her run everyday and enjoys retrieving her tennis balls.

Thanks for everything,

The Hacks





I just wanted to let you know that Trigger is doing great. He is
kennel training very well, with hardly any accidents. The kids have
already taught him to sit and fetch. We love him, thanks so much.

I wanted to let you know that Trigger, the male pup we bought from you last year has grown up to be beautiful and huge. He looks very much like Chester. He is off being trained right now at Strathmore for hunter's training. He is a very sweet and smart dog. We are still planning to have him tested at Two, and purchasing breeding rights. Thanks so much.

Sheryl Zunti





Hope things are going well with you & your family! I've had Daisy in my home for 2 visits already. The first one was for 5 days, then for 3 days. We get along very well! Plus have started obedience classes with Daisy every Tue. night, which is going well. Plus Venessa is taking her different places with her Service vest on. I just love Daisy, she's perfect helping me with my emotional disability. just wanted to give you a update on how well things are going here. Take care, & have fun watching the "Rider's" beat Toronto on Monday!

Gayle & Daisy




Hi Anna,

Max has been such a wonderful dog he has amazed us with how smart he is! He loves the kids so much and plays with them constantly…. He is a whopping 56 pounds and beautiful…. He is a big suck which I am loving secretly. Once I figure out my new camera I will send you a few pictures of him.

Tiffany Fisher






Ruby is doing great! We love her to death. she is currently and has been on evacuation with 8 other dogs as a result of the fire. It is down to the edge of our property!! The dogs are happy in a boarding facility with doggy treadmills, and a therapy pool!! They won't want to come home. Our horses are out as well as all our dry cows and young stock. We stayed with our milk cows and to defend our barns if need be. It's been rather stressful. Anyways, when things normalize around here I will definately get some pics for you.

Ruby is Amazing! Love her to death!
Shauna, Sorrento, BC






49lbs. And counting :) he is so much fun to have around! He still tries to sit on my lap when we cruise around




Hi Anna,

She's lots of fun, has so much energy and loves to play. She is growing so fast and I think everyday she gets more and more lively. We have her crate trained for the night and she no longer cries in it....only when it's potty time. We look forward to having her grow with us and continue to be a special part of our family. I think it will still take some time for everyone to be completely adjusted, but she is a wonderful little girl and we are very happy to have her in our home.

Thanks again, ~Alison & Family~ Outlook, SK





Hi there I thought u might want to look at some pics of one of your pups. His temperament has been great and hunting skills are awesome.

Brian Schmidt, Monmarte, SK

Highways & Transportation

Southern Region




Thank you sooooo much for a wonderful girl. She slept the whole way home from the airport in my arms. She has been truly a great girl. I fought with a name for her for the longest time. I finally came to "River.". I wanted to keep the whole Las Vegas theme going, the same as my Vegas girl. The River card in poker is the dealers last mystery card in the hidden hand.
I'm going to my moms tomorrow to upload some pics, this dial up just kills me!!!!
River is a wonderful girl. WHAT A SNUGGLER!!! I think that she is great looking.
She is beautiful Anna. I can't say enough great things about her!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful dog!! She has settled in with Vegas, they share the dog bed. Hope you like the pics tomorrow! Thanks again!!!

Tanya, Woodstock, ONT




Hi Anna!
Charlie is great!! She is getting so big now, about 50+ pounds. I have to send you some new pics of her. We did a puppy training class a couple of months ago and we are planning on doing the next level soon. She is very smart and affectionate, and has a ton of energy. She only has one bad habit of jumping up on people when she gets excited, but we are working on it. We also trained her to walk/jog on the treadmill since it has been so cold outside, we saw it on the Dog Whisperer and it works!!
We had her spayed when she turned 6 months old and she is very healthy. We love her so much, I can't remember what it was like without her. I hope everything is going well for you guys, maybe when you are in the city next time just give us a call and you can see Charlie. I will send you some updated pictures as well.
Take care, Jill, Regina, SK





Thank you again so much for meeting us in Edmonton. I am sure we both home around the same time, as we had to stop and shop for the dog. Ellis was wanting to purchase every toy he could see!! Anyhow we have decided to name him remington, Wade really liked it, I am sure it wil get shortened to Remy. I think he is fitting in really well! We are doing good with everything except kenneling at night. He barks, and whines and cries, so tonight we are going to make our shitzuh sleep with him and see if that helps.

Here are a couple of pics, I am sure you can agree that he his blending in!

Take Care Stacey , Fox Creek, AB





Merry Christmas!

I hope you guys have a very wonderful holiday season. We are looking forward to our first Christmas with Mayzie and will be showing her off to our extended families! She is an amazing, smart, pretty puppy who we love so much!

Thank you again!




Dexter is doing great!! He is a beautiful dog. A bit of
a handful to walk but we are working on that!!
Take care and have a Merry Christmas
Kendal, Chris, Payton & Cole Oswald





Hi Anna – Hope you’re doing great!!!! Here’s a couple of pics of Ginger Spice, en route from the airport to my place. We stopped at my friend’s house to give her a break from the car ride home.

On her second day with me, I took her for a little walk down my street (a dead-end street, so no traffic) and on the way back home, she raced ahead of me down the street back to our place and waited for me at the front door….lol….oh boy, she’s a little firecracker. She also raced up the stairs yesterday when we got in the door and tackled the cat (Krinkle, 13 years old), who is apparently smitten with her as well, because she didn’t mind one bit and was actually trying to get Ginger to chase her afterwards!!!

Ginger is very special and won over my heart instantly! (along with everyone else’s heart in the family). Strider (my sister’s Cheasapeke Bay Retriever) actually gave her his bone the other day. She plunked herself in front of him, laying down and gave him the sweetest look…it took about 20 seconds before he dropped the bone in front of him and let her take it from him. If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what. Usually, he growls if anyone comes near his bone or toys.

Have a wonderful afternoon Anna…..talk to ya soon!






He is brilliant! Sleeps all night in his kennel since the 3rd night, I think the first 2 nights I woke him up worrying. Has had very few pee accidents, mainly when we don't get to him fast enough when he cries at the door. He has never pooped in the house. He has just found his voice but only uses it when he is super excited. Stu built a house and fenced area for him to be outside when we can't be with him. He never barks when we get home just sits patiently until we open the door and then loves us. I could go on about how amazing he is..... We are waiting for all crazy stuff we hear about puppies but he is truly lovely, and is totally happy as long as someone is rubbing his belly.

First day at the beach, he was a natural in the water.
He is a joy!

Thank you again so much





Our trip home went well. We had to stop just before Clavet as she was a little antsy, but as soon as we stopped, she got out to pee, and slept the whole rest of the way home. We named her Lexie. (I know it wasn’t one of the names I told you, but we couldn’t decide on what to call her.) Lexie has been such a good puppy! We have only had to let her out once during the night both nights so far! We brought her to her ‘grandparents’ house yesterday and she laid in the sun on the deck and slept while we all sat around. She loves our cat (a little too much sometimes) but our cat just purrs when Lexie tries to attack her. Its funny. They curled up together under a lawn chair yesterday to have a snooze, so they get along quite well. You can tell that she has some hunting blood in her too, that little mallard duck toy you gave us, we’ll throw it, and she’ll creep up to it and then pounce on it, its too cute! Tom is home with her till noon today, (she was going to help him around the yard all morning) and then my father in law is going to go check on her this afternoon so she doesn’t have to be locked up until I get home from work.

Thanks again for our bundle of joy! Shes been so good!

Candace Bergen




Hi Anna,

Our puppy, who we have called River, is doing very well. He has adjusted into our household over the last few weeks and is getting lots of love and attention. I think he has a special liking for the BC beaches and forest trails. I have attached a couple pictures so you can see how much he has grown.

Best wishes,
Kyla and Nick


Tikka--Abby X Gunner Pup


Hi Anna,

Just wanted to say thank you guys so much for meeting up with us for Tikka's delivery. We love her so much already. The first night home was a little tough for her, she didn't want to sleep alone in her kennel that's for sure. lol But last night she did a lot better, she is a really smart puppy, day 2 and she is mostly going to the bathroom outside, and she sits, and sits pretty :) The only issue so far is our 5 year old dog is having a bit of difficulty accepting her, but I'm sure he will come around. He is really afraid of her for some reason and just runs away from her and growls at her when she comes to close to him, he likes her when she is asleep though, he will go right up to her and sniff her all over. lol I posted a cute picture of her today on my facebook if you wanted to see it, and most likely will be posting a lot more in the future. lol

Thanks again for everything,

Chantel and Eric



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