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Double D Ranch

Welcome to the "Ranch". We are a cow/calf operation consisting of Purebred Simmental and Red Angus, with a few commercial cows consisting of Herford x Simmental

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Rascal Flats Labs

We specialize in Purebred Registered "Fox Red Labrador Retrievers" bred most importantly for temperment, health,trainabilty,conformation, looks, and of course the color is a bonus



Hooked On Horses

A horse needs to "trust" to learn, he needs to have a "leader" that he can trust to keep him safe. The key to solving any problem a horse has or starting any colt is by developing



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RR1 Box 16 Delisle, Sask. Canada S0L 0P0

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91% Foundation   AQHA sorrel mare

92% foundation

  Great Granddaughter of "Two Eyed Jack"

AQHA H-217/P-65.5  ROM Halter Superior Halter
AQHA Champion
AQHA Hall of Fame 2007
All time leading sire of AQHA Champions, having sired 119 Champions
He also sired sixteen AQHA World Show Champions, as well as 242 Performance Register of Merit earners.

7 panel clean






Watchin and Thinkin  (Grullo)

73% Foundation AQHA Grullo mare

By MJ Watch Perry San x Think Poco

Great Granddaughter of Two Eyed Jack and Imagoodcatch

other greats are Perry San, Doc Olena, Doc Bar, Par Three,

Poco Bueno, King, Poco Tivio


5 panel clean, IMM clear, LWO clean

Color tested: Ee aa D/nd2 N/W20







Smart N Wranglers

AQHA grey mare

88% Foundation

4 panel clear, GBED carrier, IMM & LWO clear

color tested:

ee AA N/G RN/N

She has alot of greats and seven (7) AQHA "Hall of Famers' "her pedigree such as:

Peppy San Badger, Peptoboonsmal, Colonel Freckles

Royal Blue Boon, Doc Bar,Leo,

Freckles Playboy, Playboy, Docs Hickory,

Smart Little Lena, Doc Olena


We are excited to see her babies!

She carries a grey gene and a roan gene, so they should be colorful, and talented too!



DJ Two Eyed Jacfrost

AQHA grullo amre

84% Foundation

5 panel clear, IMM & LWO clear

color tested: E/e aa D/D N/W20 (homozagous dun)

she will always throw a dun

4 AQHA Hall of Famers

She goes back to

Two Eyed Jack, Hollywood Wilma, Hollywood Gold, Music Mount, Perry San, Doc Olena

King , Exspolsive Man, Par Three

She is a very leved headed girl and a dream to ride



Jrs CW Sorta Special

2011 AQHA palomino mare

88% Foundation

7 panel clean

ee Aa Cr/n nd1/nd1

  By JRS Pat x CW Deuce Special

Granddaughter of Crimson War x Crimson Page

Granddaughter of Super Deuce x Otoes Super King

Peppy San Badger, Crimson War, Crimson Page, Tardy Too,

Otoes Gent, Poco, Skipper W



 DJS Two Eyed Jewel

AQHA grullo mare

84% Foundation

5 panel clear, IMM & Lwo clear

color tested: E/e aa D/nd2 N/W20

Full sister to Frosty, so she has all same great as her in bloodlines


Smart Bostonian Rose

89% foundation

AQHA grullo roan filly

5panel clear, IMM and LWO clear

She also has a loaded pedigree!

4 AQHA Hall of Famers

3X to Smart Little Lean and 2X to Freckles Playboy, 2X to Doc Olena

4X to Peppy San Badger

Peppy San Badger, Peptoboosmal, One Time Pepto Peppy Badge Olena, Especial,

Especiallysmart Peppy, Smart Little Lena, Freckles Playboy, Boston Mac, Doc Olena




Especialy Frosty

AQHA grullo filly

81% Foundation

5 PANEL CLEAR, IMM & Lwo clear

Color tested: EE aa D/nd1

This little girl has a stacked pedigree too!

Double bred Peppy San Badger top and bottom

Double bred Smart Little Lena and Doc Olena top and bottom

Double bred Freckles Playboy top and bottom

Double bred Doc Bar top and bottom

Mix in a splash of Boston Mack and Beduino

Looking forward to seeing her babies!




Scottys Rocket Doll   RETIRED

APHA, Bay Tobiano mare

7 panel clean

Ee Aa TO/n nd2/nd2

by Rockets Apache x Boots Dolly

Grand daughter of Boots McCue

We have kept a few of her fillies for our broodmare program.

We offer her stud colts for sale

We have a few of her girls for riding, {Chrome and Oakley} both seem to be very cowy!

All her babies are very quite, gentle and easy to train.

She produces pretty good sized babies that are solid built, good feet, and minds




Strait Miss Catalenaz  *SOLD*

APHA solid black mare

 By: Strait From Texas, X  Catalenaz Leo

Color Tested: EE aa SW1/n

5 panel negative, IMM clear, LWO clear

Kat boasts another stacked pedigree!

9 AQHA Hall of Famers!

With all these greats, her babies will excel in any direction and any discipline

Strait From Texas, Doc Olena, Ris Key Business, Mr Gun Smoke,Leo

Doc Bar, Poco Lena, Poco Beuno, Sugar Bars, King,

Hollywood Gold ,Lightning Bar,

Three Bars


Strait From Texas

accomplishments are:

All time Open Point Earning Stallion in APHA history with 2130 points.

Two time APHA #1 horse in the nation.

4 times World Campion, 4 times Reserve World Champion.

Roms and Superiors in Calf roping,heading,heeling,reining,steer stopping

&working cowhorse). Half interest in horse reported to have sold for $1million.

 We are looking forward to her babies!



DJS Strait Cat Olena

Hollywood Deja Blue X Strait Miss Catalenaz {Kat}

APHA grullo mare

She is a"Strait From Texas" Granddaughter

9 AQHA Hall of Famers on her pedigree

This little girl has absolutley everything going for her,

Great pedigree, great mind, straight and correct, and a great grullo color

plus she is

5 panel clear, IMM & LWO clear

Color tested: EE aa D/nd2 ( homozogous black)

She will never throw a red based baby, always black

and boasts

Check out her momma's page " Kat"







DJS Dun In Chrome


APHA, Bay dun mare

Hollywood Deja Blue x Scottys Rocket Doll

Currently just used as a riding horse, will most likely put her in the broodmare band later

EeAa D/nd2 TO/n

5 panel clean

LWO & IMM clean






Blue Breeze DX

AQHA blue roan

Ee aa RN/n

5 panel clean LWO and IMM clean

91% Foundation (14.5 % Blue Valentine)

MT Rowdy Blue Shark(MT Rowdy Rip Hancock x Leo Hancock Hayes) X

Playing with Pepto (Peptoboonsmal x Peppy San Badger)

This little girl has all the greats

Blue Valentine 3x, Leo Hancock Hayes 2x, Doc Bar 2x

Breeding fees for Leo Hancock Hayes is $10,000.00

He is the last standing stud of Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine, Doll 01, Rip Rip, Leo Hancock Hayes, Royal Blue Boon, Boon Bar, Shining Spark, Freckles Playboy, Doc Bar, Doc Olena, Genuine Doc, Royal King, Sugar Badger


WKK Lil Red Flame

AQHA red roan

89.5% foundation

Scooters Red Oak (Once in a Blu Moon x Peptoboonsmal) X

WKK Smart Lil Sis (Smart Lil Marmoset x Smart Little Lena)

4 panel clean, Herda/N, LWO clean, IMM Clean

ee Aa Rn/n nd2/nd2

Lots of greats in her pedigree

Smart Little Lena 2x, Peppy San Badger 4x, Royal Blue Boon 2x, Doc Bar 4x, Mr San Peppy 4x

Once in a blu Boon, Peptoboonsmal, Docs Stylish Oak, Dual Pep, Doc Olena, Sugar Badger, Poco Lena, Docs Lynx, Freckles Playboy



Babes Starlet

Aqha red roan

88% foundation

6 panel clean including IMM

Jackeye Sly (Two Eyed jack) x Babes Scarlet Entry (Blueboy Quincy)

88% foundation

5 panel clean

lots of greats in her pedigree



Seekin A Blue Babe

AQHA Black mare

85 % foundation

7 panel clear

Ee aa nd2/nd2

CB Goldseeker(Blue Goldseeker Leo) X Babes Starlet (Jackeye Sly)

Double bred Two Eyed Jack,

Other greats are Blueboy Quincy, Goldseeker Leo, DryDoc






Cuttin Maple Lena

AQHA blue roan

91% foundation

7 panel clean

EE aa RN/n nd2/nd2

Peps A Cut Above (New Cut in Town X One Time Pepto) X Maple Lena Free(Especiallysmart Peppy)


DJ Playing It Smart


AQHA Bay Dun Roan Filly

91% foundation

Hollywood Gold, Snipper Music, Peptoboosmal, Smat Little Lena, Playgun bloodlines

Ee Aa D/nd2 Rn/n

5 panel clean, LWO and IMM clean



DJ Nu Two Eyed Toots

AQHA red dun filly

93% foundation

Hollywood Gold, Snipper Music, and Two Eyed Jack, Barry Blue Jack Bloodlines

7 panel clean


DJ Nu Dawn McCue

APHA red dun tobiano filly

7 panel clean


RR Zippy Lena Jazz


AQHA grullo filly

99% foundation

EE aa D/nd2 (homozyogous black)

6 panel clean, LWO clean


Tips Smokin Gun

AQHA blue roan filly

89% foundation

7 panel clean

EE aa RN/n



LNTS Twist N Hollywood

AQHA red dun filly

7 panel clean

ee Aa DD

Double bred Hollywood Dun It, top and bottom

lots of greats and money earners in her pedigree

Hollywood Dun It, Dun It With A Twist, Peppy San Badger, Sugar Badger, Great Pine, Great Red Pine, Lenas Wright On, Smart Little Lena, Freckles Playboy, Hollywood Jac 86, Jewels Leo Bars, Slide Me Again, Doc Olena, and the list goes on!

Anxious to see what her and DJ will produce, should be lots of reining and cow blood in that pedigree



Blue Hickory Booms


AQHA Red Roan Mare

7 panel clean

eeAA RN/n

87% foundation

Docs Hickory, Two Eyed Jack, and BlueBoy Quincy

She has the best personality and always willing to please


2023 AQHA grullo filly

6 panel clean

Ee aa D

IJ Kings Hombre X Just a Savanah Cat

High Brow cat, High Brow Hickory, Holidoc, Docs Sug, Smart Little Lena, Doc Quixote, Doc Olena,Echols Playboy, Frekles playboy, Colonel Freckles,( Doc Bar top and bottom 5X on her mothers side)

Jaz Acero Hombre, Poco King \truck, Poco's Gray Comet, Vintage Continental, Little Steel Dust top and bottom on the stud side, 4x back to Poco Bueno, 2x Continental King, 6x King

She will be an amazing little girl

Hickorys Bubblena


AQHA grullo roan mare

7panel clean

Ee aa D/nd1 RN/n

Her pedigree is packed with horses of

Docs Bar , Peppy San Badger, Doc Olena, Mr San Peppy top and bottom offspring, her babies should be great producers that can work a cow

She comes bred to us for 2024 by ER Spitfire

A son of Smart Little Baggins and Grandson of Smart Little Lena and Genuine Peppy, with our favorite and most verstile lines of Two Eyed Jack. 3x to Doc Bar.


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