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Welcome to the "Ranch". We are a cow/calf operation consisting of Purebred Simmental and Red Angus, with a few commercial cows consisting of Herford x Simmental

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Rascal Flats Labs

We specialize in Purebred Registered "Fox Red Labrador Retrievers" bred most importantly for temperment, health,trainabilty,conformation, looks, and of course the color is a bonus



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A horse needs to "trust" to learn, he needs to have a "leader" that he can trust to keep him safe. The key to solving any problem a horse has or starting any colt is by developing



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Stud Service Agreement


I, __________________________________give Rascal Flats Labs my permission to Breed our dog:


_____________(name of bitch)_______ __________with ____name of stud_____


Rascal Flats Labs Stud  Dog   Registration #________________


I also give my permission to use their  veterinarian if any unforeseen emergency should arise, I  will not hold Rascal Flats Labs liable for any unforeseen accident while our dog is at their facility.


Before your dog uses our services, you must consent to the following:

  1. Ensure all bitches are current on all shots, including Bordetella(kennel cough)  at least 30 days prior to breeding and de-worming, and be able to show proof there of. Also must be healthy and not on any medication.  Proof of current vet check.
  2. Must be at least 2 years of age,   proof of OFA hips and elbows, with a rating of no less than “Good”, current CERF, proof of CNM and EIC testing, also a copy of registration papers.
  3. Must provide name and phone number of family veterinarian.         ____________________________________________
  4. You must provide food for your pet for the duration of the stay. A change in diet is not recommended.
  5. Provide contact name and phone number .




  1. The stud fee is to be paid upfront at drop-off bitch.
  2. No guarantee  of  number of puppies living or dead.
  3. Bitch owners are responsible for all  vet bills and fees regarding their dog while in our care,  or while  getting the bitch bred, including delivery and pick-up charges,  
  4. The owner of the Stud shall not sign application for registration of this litter until the stud fee and all other fees have been paid in full and cleared the bank.
  5. If the bitch is owned  jointly, all parties must sign agreement.



If for some reason  your dog does not take, the owner must give notice to Rascal Flats Labs, no later than forty days from the date of the breeding taken place. A return service will be given to the same stud without charge at the next heat cycle, with the above contract rules applied.. if the 40 day notice is not given, the right to a return service is forfeited.



Please list any special  instructions regarding care, feeding, concerns, etc.







This agreement shall take effect on_____________, for  the fee of _____ plus GST.



Anna Morin 0/0 Rascal Flats Labs




owner of Stud dog





owner of Bitch





Co_owner of Bitch